Rhino Large View (4″ X 2.6″) + Grind – Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Rhino Large View (4" X 2.6") + Grind 

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Having a very large viewing area, the Rhino Large View (4" X 2.6") + Grind - Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is a sure win for any beginner or hobbyist welder. Made from carbon fiber, it sets the standards for being a great safety welding helmet with auto darkening feature.

Benefits of Using Rhino Large View Welding Helmets

The helmet has a 2 year warranty for all components of the helmet and can be used for a variety of welding methods such as cutting, plasma arc, TIG, MIG, stick electrodes, shielded metal, etc. It is quite lightweight and adaptable for any welding situation as well as very durable. The helmet conforms to the safety requirements of many international standards such as ANSI, EN379, ISO 9001, CSA and much more.

Product Features of Rhino Large View Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

As the information says, it has a very wide 4" by 2.6" viewing area in addition to its auto-darkening lens. The Rhino welding helmet is perhaps best known for its grind mode and can provide you the best safety when you take it to the workplace and prevent accidents as well. Choose from shades 4 and 9 to 13 with a reaction time of 0.00004 seconds, which is considered a quick reaction time. It's solar-powered so it's understood to be for beginner welders only and not very much for industrial use.

The Rhino Large also has a low battery indicator so you'll be prepared in case. You don't have to worry about installing the lens covers - it's setup just for you. The flexible design allows the welder to weld even in awkward situations.

Pros and Cons of Rhino Large View Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Things We Liked

  • Wide viewing area: at 4" X 2.6" dimensions, the Rhino Large View lives up to its name. If you are a welder who especially wants a big viewing screen to survey your surroundings and still get authentic protection against flashing, this helmet can do just that.
  • Quick delay time: as what was said above, to avoid accidental welding flashes, a quick delay time should be a must for your auto darkening welding helmet. At 0.00004 seconds, it will definitely be a great safety feature for the Rhino. The delay and shades are adjustable, too.
  • Grind mode: a lot of welders may be looking for a grinding mode and this helmet’s got it as well.
  • Works on different angles: like its name says, because of its large display, you can work your way into awkward and tight spaces during welding so no worries about wondering about your safety in the workplace.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Solar powered, not ideal for industrial use: like most entry-level helmets, some workers might not enjoy the solar power that may not be ideal for places with cold weather, less sunlight or long work hours. But for amateurs or hobbyists, the Rhino Large should work just fine.
  • May not be a perfect fit for some: having a helmet that might wobble loose during work may not feel comfortable for some, but this is a case-to-case basis.
  • Inside gloss can distract you: in some cases, if you are working on a room and there are lights that might reflect on the inside of your helmet, it could glare and cause you to get distracted on your welding work. The outside carbon fiber works fine, though.
  • Knob adjustment problems: some welders have reported that the knob could be easily bumped without consent and adjust the darkness setting by accident, so be careful.

Usage and Maintenance Guide for the Rhino Large View Welding Helmet

  • · When cutting or doing CAC-A, use 500 to 1000 amps arc current setting.
  • · Set the current to up to 800 Amps when doing plasma arc cutting or plasma arc welding.
  • ​· The Rhino Large is unfortunately not suitable for laser welding, laser cutting or overhead welding.
  • ​· For TIG welding, use 5 to 500 Amps setting, and up to 500 Amps for MIG, gas metal arc, flux cored arc and air carbon.
  • ​· The Rhino Large Helmet is covered by a 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • ​· Use up to 550 Amps for stick electrodes and shielded metal arc welding.
  • ​· The helmet requires 2 lithium metal batteries to run.
  • ​· The product is best bought with other Rhino products such as the Rhino Welding Helmet replacement lens covers and the drawstring storage bag.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Rhino Large View Welding Helmet

Q: What can be used to avoid the lens from darkening while grinding?

A: Yes, you can use the grind mode setting on the control knob.

Q: What are the cover plate sizes?

A: For the outside: 4 3/4 by 3 9/16 and 3 7/8. For the inside: 3 1/16 by 2 11/16. It can also be replaced.

Q: Is the carbon fiber design real or fake?

A: Unfortunately, it's just faux carbon fiber, but the design looks neat.

Q: Why is it not suitable for overhead welding?

A: Sparks from the welding flames could possibly cause accidents because the shield isn't going to fully cover your head so make sure you wear protection such as a flame resistant cap.

Q: Is it alright for TIG welding?

A: Yes, it can be used for TIG welders, aluminum and steel.

Q: Recommended magnifying lens for this helmet?

A: You can use any generic magnifying lenses for this helmet with no problem using Velcro tape, since this helmet doesn't have a custom magnifying lens.

Q: Does the helmet come with a bag?

A: Unfortunately, no. You may have to purchase a separate bag for it.

Q: What is the warranty for this product?

A: It comes with a 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects.


For an entry-level helmet, the Rhino Large View (4" X 2.6") + Grind - Auto Darkening Welding Helmet does pack a lot of competence and promise if you want to do welding in a variety of ways, this really is a great buy for something priced below $100.

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