About Us

I am a welding enthusiast and I have been working as a welding engineer for past few years. I love my work but its very risky at times. If you are into welding work then you might have an idea about the safety risks involved in this work. Also, the long working hours and harsh environment always need safety measures to ensure safety of the welding engineer.
I have done all kinds of overwhelming welding tasks for long hours and in scorching heat. During all those working hours, despite loving my work I could not help complaining. It was challenging or even troubling to work with such discomfort. Then I happened to know about advanced welding helmets with darkening features. At that moment I knew they are going to make my life comfortable and I would no longer have to move head up and down to adjust my sight with the flame. Well, I was wrong. I experienced really bad purchases and could not get what I wanted.
So, wastage of money and time motivated me to research about different welding helmet brands. I started asking people related to this industry and also did some online research and bam! Finally, after a few bad experiences and wasting lots of money, I found some really cool welding helmets with advanced technologies.
Though, I have had my wrong decisions and bad experiences, I was finally happy to work at my best level. Well, all these bad experiences motivated me to think about those welding enthusiasts out there who suffer at the hands of bad brands. Since, I had developed great experience about the advantages, downsides and importance of welding safety gear and some industry specialists were in my contact list so I decided to launch a platform to help others. That’s how this website was created.

What’s our Mission?

The main idea behind launching this website was to help other welders to get the best information about welding helmets. So together with some industry specialists and construction workers, I created a big knowledge-base. We started small and now we are carrying our mission forward with grit and passion to provide our readers with reliable reviews, expert advice and excellent knowledge on welding helmets.

How do we save you from bad buying decisions?

The knowledge provided in the form of expert advice and reviews is all about educating our readers. We help our readers to develop a good insight about different welding helmet brands and models by comparing them on important factors. Our reviews are particularly a reflection of such comparison. Once you have knowledge about great brands and you are able to differentiate between bad choices and good choices, you develop power to make a right buying decision. That’s how we save our readers from making bad buying decisions.
Now wee daily receive feedback from our readers and its quite rewarding to know that so far we have been successful in our mission, as our dear readers share their experiences of great purchases. On behalf of my team, I would say that “we are glad that we saved you from making bad decisions and wasting lots of money on the safety gear that could not protect you effectively, instead now you are able to make a great investment in the form of right safety gear”. The excellent experiences of readers with the brands we recommended are breathtaking for me. Many of my readers ask me what else I like beside my welding projects. Well, I love traveling and long relaxing baths after my tiresome welding job. I feel amazing thanks to welding helmets and also thank you for your love, trust and support!


Hi. I am Will. I can help you find the best welding helmet for your welding projects, since I have been a welding engineer for past few years and have developed plenty of experience around welding helmets. I have a team of industry specialists and construction workers, who will provide you with best knowledge, advice and reviews about welding helmets. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Short Story:

I have had my bruises and risky accidents while working on my welding projects and it was a very challenging time for me. I was unable to develop the level of comfort with the work I truly love. As a welding engineer, my job had long hours and often I had to work in really harsh environments. I tried few welding helmets and it was not an entirely pleasant experience. Yes, I made bad choices and it was through those bad choices that I learned to pick great welding helmets for my job. I developed so much accurate and reliable insights about choosing the right safety gear that my team started to ask me for advice. I often used to recommend them and their choices turned really good for them. Well, it was the time when there were not many reliable and accurate reviews about safety gear on the internet. So with the motivation of my team and friends, I launched this website to help other welders like me who want to accomplish their welding projects without being stressed out and injured. The feedback I received from my readers was truly amazing and it motivated me further to bring reviews about more advanced welding helmets with auto-darkening technology. I love this journey and I thank my readers for being a valuable part of it.